About First Fresh Foods

Just as you prioritize your family’s health, we at First Fresh Foods strive to provide wholesome goodness for your table. After all, though you may be serving one of our delicious products, it is your reputation on the line when you prepare meals for family and friends. That’s why First Fresh brings the best of two worlds together. When we combine the proud, Old World traditions of flavorful European sausage with the healthy benefits of locally grown, farm fresh ingredients the result is a contemporary Taste for Life.

Our customers immediately distinguish our fresh and healthy chicken sausage from those made with inferior ingredients. Other sausage products contain remnants and other meat by-products. Our whole muscle white and dark meat is raised locally, just miles from the skillfully trained hands of our sausage makers. Upon reaching our hygienic facility, the lean muscle is coarsely ground to match the taste and texture of the world’s best sausage traditions. Our controlled process has been honed so carefully that the First Fresh sausage you select in the fresh meat section of your grocer has the longest shelf life of any comparable product.

With these qualities, it is no wonder that our customers have made the switch to chicken sausage, trusting our healthier alternative containing 58 percent and 78 percent less fat than the closest pork alternatives. We look forward to bringing your friends and family together around a healthy, delicious meal so that you, too, can enjoy a new Taste for Life.